Ri Conversation

People practice their English conversation with Ri. Just type a message in the box to get started.


  • Ri responds to whatever you say if you use Standard English, and doesn't try to force you down a conversation path it chooses.
  • You can try these commands:
    • ri reply - ri replies to itself
    • ri start - restart your conversation
    • ri prev - what came previously
    • ri next - what comes next
  • Ri's a new research project so it will change over time.
  • To keep your conversation history, add Ri to Skype... . Also available in Telegram.
  • Ri has a 14,000 word vocabulary, a little more than the vocabulary of a twelve year old.
  • Ask Ri questions. For instance, to find out more about Ri's world ask something like, "Where's Los Angeles?" Ri will tell you about Los Angeles. Or ask a question about a person, like "Who's Napoleon?" and Ri will give you a quote about Napoleon with a link. Names must be capitalized.
  • Interpret Ri's responses. Use your imagination. Focus on ideas rather than grammar or syntax.
  • Ri doesn't understand multi-word names for things. For instance, it recognizes "pride" and "prejudice", but doesn't know "Pride and Prejudice" is a book by Jane Austen. Ri's "memories" come from years and years ago; it knows nothing about today's sports teams, or other contemporary obessions.
  • Ri has over 7,000,000 different responses.
  • Papers on how to create intelligence.


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